Blog Review: welovefun

welovefun_screenshotI’ve written about my friends who raprock, and paint, so I figured: why not write about my friend who writes? I’ve known Woody McAndrew since Kindergarten, but it was not until he unleashed welovefun that I knew he was a fellow writer. Woody’s approach is graphic compared to mine, so if you prefer the inexplicit voice of my writing, welovefun may not be the place for you.

That said, the blog is a great source for general entertainment and discovering quality new hip-hop (i.e.: not Drake). And sports too, if that’s your thing, but I personally can’t speak to whether his predictions are accurate.

I can speak for his ability to amuse, though. Whether it be an arrogant rant, a grotesque “would you rather” scenario, or an innocent countdown of the all-time greatest fruit snacks, Woody keeps his readers in stitches. In support of this, I am quoting a post of his titled “Am I The Most Influential Man In America?” in full below:

Probably not. But, I’m obviously well on my way. Just a couple days after I wrote about how great of a show Arrested Development was and how underrated Jason Bateman is, boom, FOX decides to pick the show back up for a fourth season. When your right, your right. Somehow I feel as if Seth MacFarlane had a hand in this. Being a fellow Kent native, he probably is a huge fan of WELOVEFUN and the instant he saw my post about Bateman, he put a call into FOX and told them whats what, seeing as he basically owns them. He signed like a 150 Bagillion dollar contract for a year with them, so I’m pretty sure he has more money than God. Shout out to Seth by the way on the Charlie Sheen roast, he was hysterical, and would have been the best part of the entire thing if it wasn’t for Mike Tyson straight wylin’ out the entire time. That dude is entertainment, I could watch him act a donkey all day. But I digress. Point is, I might not be the most influential man in America (yet), but Seth MacFarlane probably is, and considering he basically picked me to be his protege, that makes me next in line. So fuck off losers.

I don’t think you need to share the same hometown with me, Woody, and Seth to have a laugh at this whimsical scenario. It’s just fun, and Woody loves it. Perhaps it is the readers’ union in this fun that warrants the title’s “we” rather than “I”—perhaps the seemingly self-indulgant author is looking out for our pleasure as well. Taking a number from Woody and assuming that I’m right, I’m going to thank the man for this gesture: thanks.

Final thought: you may notice and criticize the author’s lack of proofreading. While he could benefit from some grammatical clean-up, I find that the raw and unfiltered style fits his subject matter and attitude just fine. What if Joyce had a copyeditor clean up Ulysses?


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