The Nice Ones on Kickstarter

In October 2012, I shot and edited a video for good friends of mine The Nice Ones. In attempt to gain access to studio time, the band uploaded the video to an online fundraising platform called The video and accompanying essay (also by me) are shown below, but to visit the actual campaign page click here. The campaign was successfully funded on December 2, 2012.


First of all: Thank you for coming to our Kickstarter. We have come here to recruit your support, and appreciate the time you have taken to consider our mission.

And now the good stuff: We are The Nice Ones—a modern, rock ‘n’ roll quartet based out of the perilous, unforgiving wilderness of northwestern Connecticut. Forming over a year and half ago in early 2011, we have continued to progress and establish a sound that has both garnered attention and made ourselves proud. With this encouragement and confidence, we find that it is now the right time to get in the studio and give our material the justice it deserves.

We need your helpMo’ Money Mo’ Problems… well, maybe Biggie was wrong. In order to get to the studio, we need some proper funding. We’d like to record at Millbrook Sound Studios, with renowned producer Paul Orofino (Ahmad Jamal, Daryl Hall, and the The Cars to name only a few). Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees—or, in our case, any of the great local bars. If you do help us out, you’ll find that not only is your money well invested, but there’s a lil’ something in it for you. Check the donation options on the right [of the actual campaign page] to see exactly what these incentives are, including ownership of the finished product and limited edition McG pins!

5 Gs are The Nice Ones’ fees: With recording, mastering, and production, this project will run us up a few thousand nice ones. With your contribution, we’ll be able to achieve a comfortable amount of studio time and ensure the quality of our fans’ (that’s you!) listening experience. After all, this record will be as much for you as it is for us.

So thank you again for giving us your attention. Thank you even more if you give us your money too! Nah, we’re not jerks—we’re The Nice Ones! Your support is truly appreciated and we’ll treasure each and every bit. | Facebook | Bandcamp | Youtube

APPENDIX: Thank You, Kickstarter! Video

This is another video I produced for the band after the success of their campaign. It includes a thank-you message to the Kickstarter backers and a sneak-peek into their recording sessions.


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