Artist of the Month: Alyssa Forstmann

October’s artist is my girlfriend, Alyssa Forstmann. Closing in on her BFA from Boston University, Alyssa is the least seasoned of the artists in this series. Which makes her talent that much more profound.

While her chief focus is painting, Alyssa’s ability spreads much farther than that. Though her title at Eckert Fine Art is Gallery Assistant, she is essentially their primary graphic designer. An avid camera collector (and through extensive black-and-white and digital photography courses), she is also a refined photographer. And, if that wasn’t enough, she is also an aspiring filmmaker.

You may say talent runs in the family, but I say Alyssa’s skill is her own. Crossing a representational approach with an expressive style, her paintings result in rich, bold accentuations of the subjects she studies. For example:

An Anthropologic Study of Venetian Habits and Behaviors

Created while studying in Venice, Italy, these paintings exaggerate the habits observed in stereotypical Venetians. It is important to note that the exaggeration lies not only in the concept, but also very largely in her technique.

I waited to publish this essay for a while because I was hoping for an opportunity to go to Boston and see the artist’s new studio. Well, I finally found an opportunity and it was well worth the wait. When I arrived, I found several finished (or at least close to finished) new paintings. Here, for the first time for the public world, are some of these:

Yo, that’s her!

As a senior, it is evident that Alyssa has begun to refine her system. These works—along with a larger, still-in-progress piece—show new confidence and ease in her approach. With that, I think she’s ready for the art world.

And thus concludes another artist-of-the-month installment. For more of Alyssa, check out her portfolio and Vimeo account. If you don’t, you’re a sucker!

Stay tuned for November’s artist—one hint: his initials are EF!



4 thoughts on “Artist of the Month: Alyssa Forstmann

  1. I really like Ms Forstmann’s “Modern Neglect” from her portfolio. Her current self portraits are also very compelling.

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